22 Surprising Uses For Lemons

1. Make rice fluffy: Squeeze a little lemon juice into the pan while you’re cooking rice. The acidic juice helps cut through the rice’s starch, so grains won’t stick together. Squeeze a lot of lemon juice in there to add a nice flavor.

2. Get rid of sweat stains on white shirts. If you notice yellowing or rusty-colored sweat marks on your favorite white t-shirts or button-ups, squeeze a little lemon juice directly onto the stain. Let the juice sit for 20 minutes then wash the entire shirt in COLD water. Don’t use hot water, because it might set the stain. (Here are more ways to get rid of sweat marks.)

3. Repel clothing moths. Slice off and dry a few lemon peels then gather them in an old sock and tie the top closed in a knot. Hang this in a corner of your closet to repel moths. Replace when you can no longer smell the peels — about once a month.

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